TCF – Monthly bulletin for jan 2022

TCF – Monthly bulletin for jan 2022

Child protection

  • The Child Protection team continues to coordinate the delivery of life-saving Child Protection interventions such case management including family focus groups, psychosocial support and child protection outreach activities for the most vulnerable children and their families.
  • TCF has interviewed 45 parents whose children are under TCF scholarship. This interview was done to examine ‘’how these children are treated both at home and school’’.
  • Ten (10) Scholarships booklets were shared with 10 parents to re-iterate the rules of engagements
  • Three (3) school girls visited our office and were supported with Psychosocial support services

Nonfood items, food Items distribution and livelihood assistance

  • In South Sudan, union of people living with disabilities (PLWD) estimates around 250000 south Sudanese. TCF recognizes the added challenge of being a person living with disability in South Sudan and for those unable to access services due to lack of mobility. TCF renders support through availing wheelchairs. In response, Mr. Doshi of Juba trading company LTD, donated hand ridden tri-cycles to TCF on 18th Jan 2022.
  • Ms. Tereza Tuil Maduok, a young mother living with disability since the age of 10 together with her two children (5 years old and a 1 year and half), received support from TCF in terms of 3 packs of reusable sanitary packs, 2 plastic sheets (4*6) to protect her tukul, enrolled her 5year boy into school for the 2022 academic year and provided her with school shoes, a school bag and books, a tricycle and food items on 27th Jan 2022.
  • TCF availed medical and transportation assistance to a 23-year-old Mr. Madut Guot Rany who was sick of elephantiasis and seeking transport fare to back the village to live with his family since he couldn’t afford the rental fees within juba on 28th Jan 2022.
  • Widial William, a 17-year-old boy residing in Hai Tijariya, Juba South Sudan; who was attacked by the Toronto boys and ended up losing his left eye, received support of food items and other basic necessities from TCF on 28th Jan 2022.

Hand ridden tricycles donated by Mr. Doshi of juba trading company LTD.

Receiving food items from TCF

Showing widial William, who lost his left eye


Formal Education

  • TCF has paid the school fee of 12 students under scholarship in different schools. 7 students in nursery and primary schools, 2 students in secondary schools and 3 students in the tertiary schools.
  • TCF congratulated a primary 8 student under the TCF scholarship for completing her Advanced First AID Certificate.

Our student and TCF executive director holding her (Emmanuella) first aid certificate.

Informal Education

  • TCF team got in involved in the GBV biweekly meetings.
  • TCF CEO had an interview with Al-Watan newspapers; explaining reasons of formation of TCF and sensitizing the mass on dangers of violence against women, children and PWLD. TCF will continue to support education programs, empowerment activities and elimination violence against women across South Sudan with special focus on the most vulnerable groups.
  • TCF received a certificate of appreciation form SSBC for the continued support of community programs and highlighting the dire needs of our communities across South Sudan.

Certificate of Appreciation from SSBC

AL-Watan newspapers’ publication of the interview with TCF CEO.

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