Sponsorship Terms & Conditions

Application process:

The application process requires all documents attached as listed below

  • The Chagai Foundation New applicant form completed
  • Child’s enrollment form with school stamp
  • Birth Certificate or valid identification document
  • Two (2) passport size photos
  • Parent or guardian contact details
  • Recent school reports

Please drop the form off at reception in the ‘New applications tray’ with all the requirement listed.

Sponsorship terms and condition:

MsChagaiMourwel, the founder of the Organization has stipulated conditions in which a parent/guardian who has applied for their child’s sponsorship though the foundation, should follow;

  • A child SHOULD HAVE minimum 1hr a day for homework and revision from Sunday to Thursday
  • A child SHALL NOT be subjected to any kind of physical punishment/beating or emotional abuse as this impact on child development
  • A parent or guardian SHOULD BEactively engaged with the school/schools which their child/ren attend
  • A student’s performance in school WILL DETERMINE the continuation of the scholarship
  • TCF Education OfficerWILL VISIT THE STUDENT BOTH AT HOME AND AT SCHOOL to ensure terms are conditions are followed
  • The parent/guardian SHOULD ENSURE that the school give TCF child’s progress reports and end of term reports.

Payment & Renewal:

  • Payment of school fees will be made directly to the school or indicated bank by the school administration and a valid receipt will be obtained by the TCF Education officer.
  • TGF will have recurring payment to the school administration unless the sponsorship terms and conditions are not followed.
  • If a child needs to change schools, a new application will be required for submission to the administration for processing

Terminating Your Sponsorship:

  • If the parent, guardian and the student does not adhere to the terms of conditions of the sponsorship then TCF can terminate the sponsorship at any time.
  • If at any point you decide to discontinue your sponsorship, at least 1-month advance notice is required. Contact TCF in person, email or telephone

Communication with Sponsored Children:

  • TCF will continuously communicate with both the parents or guardians and the school
  • Please allow a duration of 1 month before coming to the office for follow-up
Applications open in November 2022 for the new academic year 2023.

Applications open in November 2022 for the new academic year 2023.